The Heart of Dhamma

Books read in 2012

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Linji's shout

Deshan Xuanjian 德山宣鉴

Not attached to anything

To rely on oneself

How to practise Zen?

Go wash the bowl

Cloud is in the clear sky, water is in the bottle

Zen cannot be spoken of

Hand of generosity

Where does one go after death

The Weeping Hag

Past, present and future

A blade of grass a drop of water

Things of real worth

Giving and receiving

The general's antique

Coming to terms with oneself

Death of a teacup

Thief who learnt his lesson

The fallible disciple

Fingers pointing at the moon

All is emptiness

If I do not enter hell who will

Heaven and hell in a thought

Carrying a girl across the stream

Life is all in the breathing

Zen in a teacup

Realization of the wave

Drinking Tea - a Buddhist Short Film

Books Read in 2007

There is Knowing in the Wind

Sunshine is Green Leaves

Meditation on Interdependence

Zen Stories

One Knows Not

Dalai Lama on Theory of Emptiness

Justine Henin back on form

Why adopting a growth mind-set is critical?