Thief who learnt his lesson

A thief confronted Japanese Zen master Shichiri Kojun.

thief: Hand over your money, or I will take your old life!

Kojun: The money is in the drawer. Get it yourself but leave a little behind for me to buy food.

Kojun: After receiving things from others, you ought to say thank you.

thief: Thank you!

Eventually the thief was arrested ... and Shichiri was called as a witness. When he was asked whether the thief had stolen his money, Shichiri replied: "He did not steal from me. I gave him the money and he also thanked me."

After the thief had completed his prison term, he immediately went to Shichiri and begged to be accepted as his disciple.

"Putting aside the butcher's knife and instantly becoming a buddha" is extremely difficult to realize in practice. What power is it that compels one to lay down the butcher's knife? Compassion!

七里禅师指指木柜说: 钱在抽屉里,你自己拿吧,但请留下一点给我买食物。
七里禅师: 收了别人的东西应该说声谢谢才对啊!
七里禅师: 他没有向我抢,钱是我给他的,再说,他也谢过我了。


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