Death of a teacup

The Japanese Zen master Ikkyu Sojun was very bright even as a boy. One day, he broke a teacup, a rare antique highly prized by his teacher.
When the teacher came, the boy quickly asked his master: "Master, why do people have to die?"
master: This is natural. In the world, where there is life, there is death.
Then, the young boy took out the broken cup and told his master: "Master, it was time for your teacup to die."

For human beings, what is most precious is the process of living. Where there is life, naturally there is death. One who can understand thoroughly the cycle of human life and death will also understand the life and death of objects.

当一休看到师父来了便问: “师父,人为什麽一定要死呢?“
师父: 这是自然的事。 世间的一切,有生就有死。
这时一休拿出了打破的茶杯,对着师父说: “师父,你的茶杯死期到了。”


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