Deshan Xuanjian 德山宣鉴

Deshan Xuanjian is a native of Jiannan in Sichuan province. His surname was Zhou, and he became a monk early in life. He was especially well-versed in teachings of the Diamond sutra and had composed a commentary on it. Thus he was also known as Diamond Zhou. When Deshan heard that the Southern school of Zen held that "mind itself is Buddha", he packed up his commentaries and headed south with the intention of refuting this false teaching.

On the way, he met an old lady selling buns. As he was hungry, he decided to buy some buns from her.
old lady: What are you carrying?

Deshan: My Green Dragon commentary on the Diamond Sutra.

old lady: Let me ask you one question. If you can answer my question, I will give you free refreshments.

Deshan: All right!

old lady: The Diamond sutra says: "past mind is unattainable, present mind is unattainable, and future mind is unattainable." Which mind does the learned monk desire to refresh?

Deshan was not able to answer the old lady's question. Some time later, Deshan arrived at Longtan (literally means Dragon pond) temple and met with master Longtan Chongxin.

Deshan: Long have I heard of Longtan, but when I arrived here, there is neither a pond nor a dragon.

Chongxin: You have really arrived at Longtan.

One late evening, Chongxin said, "It is getting dark. You had better return to your room."
When Deshan stepped outside, he found that the sky was very dark.
So, the master lit a candle and gave it to Deshan, but just as Deshan held out his hand and was about to receive the candle, Chongxin blew out the flame. At that moment Deshan was enlightened and made a bow to the master.

The next day, Deshan took his Green Dragon commentary to the temple hall and burned it.
" Even if we have mastered the profound doctrine,
  it is only like placing a hair in a vast space.
  Even if we have exhausted the human knowledge of the world,
  it is only like letting a drop fall into a great abyss.   "

Once dependence on others is gone, then only can one's potential be realized.

德山宣鉴禅师,四川人,俗姓周,幼年出家,曾精研佛法,尤其擅长讲解金刚经,故有周金刚之称。当他听说南方禅宗十分兴盛,便不平道: “佛学如此博大精深,即使修行一辈子,也难以成佛。 南方的小鬼竟敢说什么直指人心,见性成佛。我要捣毁他们的老巢,以报答佛恩。”
妇人: 里面装的是什么书啊?
德山: 是金刚经。
妇人: 我有一个问题,你要答得上来就送你点心吃,如果答不上来就请你走开,没有点心吃。金刚经上说:「过去心不可得,现在心不可得,将来心也不可得」,不知道你点的是哪个心?
德山顿时哑口无言。 随后,他到龙潭崇信禅师那里去,一进法堂他就说道:“久闻龙潭大名,到此一看,即不见潭,也不见龙。”
崇信躬身道:“你已经亲身到了龙潭。” 德山无法回答,就留了下来。
一天夜里,德山侍立在龙潭身旁,龙潭禅师说: “夜深了,你怎么还不回房去。”
德山顿时大悟。 第二天,德山便把青龙疏抄在法堂上一把火烧了。



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