Linji's shout

Linji asked a monk: "Sometimes a Katsu is like the precious sword of the Vajra king (Diamond King); sometimes a Katsu is like a golden-maned lion crouching on the ground; sometimes a Katsu is like a probing pole (for fishing) to which a grass bushel is fastened to cast shade; and sometimes a Katsu is not used as a Katsu. How do you understand that?"

The monk hesitated and the master gave a Katsu.

* Katsu - (Linji) Rinzai's famous shout and favorite teaching device, pronounced "kaa."

Once the distinction between self and others, inside and outside, big and small, good and bad, ignorance and wisdom, life and death, to have and not to have, etc. has been eliminated, then the truth of Zen and insight can be realized. This gives one a new life. To bring this about, one cannot employ thought; one has to use one's own perception.

学僧: 我。。。




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