Zen cannot be spoken of

Yaoshan Weiyan had not given dharma talks for a long time. One day, the head monk requested him to give discourses.

monk: We disciples would very much like to listen to master's discourses.

Yaoshan: Very well. Sound the bell to summon everyone to the hall.

The master came to the hall. All the monks had gathered because for many days he had not spoken. But when the gathering was complete, when everybody had come, the master returned to his room without saying a word.

monk: Master, why did you leave without saying a word?

Yaoshan: There are sutra teachers to talk about the sutras. There are also shastra masters to talk about the commentaries. I am a Zen teacher, and yet Zen cannot be expressed in words. Even if I talk about it, that serves no purpose.

Zen is beyond time - past, present, and future.  It has always been so, and words cannot convey Zen.

弟子: 弟子似都很希望能听师父的示诲。
药山: 好吧! 去打钟叫大家到大殿听法。
弟子: 师父,你为什么一句话也没说就走了呢?
药山: 讲经有讲经的法师,说戒有说戒的律师,我是禅师,而禅却是不能讲的,讲了也没有用。


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Fingers pointing at the moon.


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