Cloud is in the clear sky, water is in the bottle

Man of letters Li Ao went to visit Yaoshan, who did not turn to face him.

Li Ao: Seeing the face is not like hearing the name.

Yaoshan: Mister Li!
Yaoshan: You believe your ears, yet you belittle your eyes.

Li Ao: I am sorry for my bad manners. Please forgive me, master.
Li Ao: Dharma master, what do you think is the Tao?

Yaoshan: The cloud is in the clear sky, the water is in the bottle.

No need to bother whether it is cloud becoming water, or water changing back into cloud. As cloud, float freely in the sky like clouds do, and as water be just as what water is like.

李翱: 见面不如闻名。
药山: 李居士!
药山: 李居士何贵耳贱目?
李翱: 抱歉失礼了,请师父原谅。
李翱: 师父,如何是道?
药山: 云在青天水在瓶。



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