Carrying a girl across the stream

The Japanese Zen master Tanzan and the monk Ekido came across a beautiful girl who was unable to cross a stream.
Tanzan carried her across the stream.

Tanzan: I will carry you across the stream.

Girl: Master, thank you and farewell!

The two monks continued walking for half the day ... before Ekido couldn't restrain himself any longer.

Ekido: We monks do not go near women, right? Why did you do that earlier?

Tanzan: Er, what woman are you refering to? I put her down long ago. Are you still carrying her?

The one who carried the girl across the stream had no feelings of lust. He acted spontaneously and with nonchalance. Is the other monk not the one who all along had lustful desires?

坦山和尚说: 我抱你过河。
女孩: 师父,谢谢您了 再见!
他俩继续走了半天路程。。。 小和尚终于忍不住了。
小和尚: 我们出家人不是不近女色吗?刚才你为什么要那样做?
坦山: 哦!你说那个女人吗? 我早就把她放下了,你还抱着吗?


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