Heaven and hell in a thought

A samurai approached Japanese Zen master Hakuin Ekaku and asked: "Is there really heaven and hell?"

Hakuin: What are you?

samurai: I am a samurai.

Hakuin: Ha Ha! Which fool employed you to be a samurai? Why, you look more like a butcher!

samurai: What!

The samurai could no longer contain himself. He drew his sword and readied to strike the master.

samurai: I will cut you down!

Hakuin: Here open the gates of hell!

The samurai sheathed his sword and bowed.

samurai: I am sorry ... Please forgive me for my rudeness ...

Hakuin: Here open the gates of heaven.

Heaven and hell are not places one goes to after death, but in the here and now! Good and evil are all in the thought, and the gates of heaven and hell will open to you at any time.

有一位将军向白隐禅师问道。。。 “真的有天堂地狱吗?“
白隐禅师: 你是做什么的?
将军: 我是一名将军。
白隐禅师: 哈哈哈, 是哪一个笨蛋请你当将军的?你看来倒像一个屠夫。
将军: 什么!
将军: 看我宰了你!
白隐禅师: 地狱之门由此打开!
将军: 对不起,请原谅我的失态。。。
白隐禅师: 天堂之门由此敞开!


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Hakuin Ekaku (1685-1768) Selected Writings.


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