If I do not enter hell who will

A man asked a Zen master: "After a life of a hundred years, where does a monk end up?"

Zen master: He becomes a donkey or a horse.

man: And after that?

Zen master: I will go to hell.

man: But you are a paragon of virtue. How come you will descend to hell?

Zen master: If I do not enter hell, who will enter hell to enlighten you?

If one associates the dharma only with clean places, would this imply that the dharma is not present in defiled places such as dirty toilets? The dharma is all-embracing and has no fixed abode. The dharma is present in paradise, but is hell not where the dharma is more in need?

禅师: 做驴做马。
又问: 然后呢?
禅师: 我入地狱。
那人不解: 和尚是大善知识,怎么会入地狱呢?
禅师: 我不入地狱,谁到地狱教化你呢?


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