To rely on oneself

monk: May I ask what is the meaning of Zen?

Zhaozhou: I would very much like to tell you ...

Zhaozhou: ... but now I have to go to urinate. Think about it. Even for such a trifling thing I have to do it myself.
Zhaozhou: May I ask whether you can do it on my behalf?

To understand matters of life and death, one has to rely on oneself. Others cannot do it for you. To rely on explanations from others is to be like a parrot learning to speak.

僧人: 请问什么是禅学的大义?
赵州: 我很想告诉你 。。。
赵州: 但我现在要去拉尿。 想想看,像这种小事也得我亲自去拉才行啊。
赵州: 请问你能不能代替我去?


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