Realization of the wave

small wave: I feel so distressed. Other waves are so big whereas I am so small. Other waves are so powerful whereas I am puny...

Wave: It is because you have not seen clearly your original nature that you have sorrow.

small wave: Am I not a wave? Then what am I?

Wave: The wave is only a temporary form of your nature. In actuality, you are water.

small wave: Water?

Wave: Once you perceive clearly that your actual nature is water, you will no longer be obsessed with the form of the wave and thus you will no longer be in sorrow.

small wave: I understand now. I am you, you are also me. We are both One.

Humans are egocentric, one thinks that the "Self" is "me", thereby differentiating oneself from others and comparing oneself with others, thus bringing about sorrow. Actually, humans are but one of the constituents in the immensity of Nature. Think about it ...

波浪说: 我好痛苦啊,别的浪那么大,而我这么小,有的浪境遇很快,而我又这么差。。。
水说: 因为你没有看清你的本来的面目,所以会有痛苦。
波浪说: 我不是波浪吗?那我是什么?
水说: 波浪只是你短暂的现象,其实你是水!
波浪说: 水?
水说: 当你认识清楚你的本体是【水】的时候,你就不会再为波浪的形体所迷惑,你就不会痛苦。
波浪说: 我明白了!我就是你、你也是我,你我同为一个大我。


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