The Weeping Hag

There was an old woman nicknamed "Weeping Hag" because she cried when it rained and also cried when it did not rain.

One day, a Zen master passed by and saw her crying.

master: Old lady, what are you crying for?

old woman: I have two daughters, the elder one sells cloth shoes and the younger one sells umbrellas.

old woman: When the weather is fine, I think of my younger daughter whose umbrellas are not in demand. When it rains, I think of my elder daughter since no customers will want to go to her shop to buy shoes.

The Zen master almost fainted before offering her an advice.

master: You should think of business being good for your elder daughter when the weather is fine. When it rains, your younger daughter's umbrellas will definitely sell well.

old woman: Oh! You are right!

Since then, the "Weeping Hag" no longer cried. Rain or shine, she smiled at all times!

"Approaching the heart is approaching buddhahood." Whether something is favourable or unfavourable depends on how you look at it.

南禅寺的和尚问: 老婆婆,您为什么哭呢?
她边哭边答: 我有两个女儿,大女儿嫁给了卖鞋的,小女儿嫁给了卖雨伞的。天晴的日子,我就想到小女儿的雨伞一定卖不出去。下雨的日子,我就想到大女儿的鞋一定没有人上门去买。
和尚劝她: 天晴时你应该想到大女儿的鞋店生意一定会很好,下雨时小女儿的伞一定好卖!
老婆婆恍然大悟: 对啊!


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