The fallible disciple

When Japanese Zen master Bankei Eitaku held retreats, pupils from all over Japan came to attend. There was once when he was teaching, a commotion arose.

One of his students had been caught red-handed in stealing money from another fellow student.

one student: Caught you in the act of stealing money again!

Eitaku: Do forgive him, please!

student: No way! He has been let off too many times already. This time he cannot be forgiven again.

another student: If you do not expel him, we shall all leave together.

Eitaku: You are all wise brothers. You can tell right from wrong, but he does not even know right and wrong. If I do not instruct him, who will? I am going to keep him here. Even if all of you leave the temple, it makes no difference.

Upon hearing these words, the thieving disciple threw himself to the ground, with tears streaming down his face.  He resolved never to commit a wrongdoing again.

In a flock of 100 sheep, one goes missing. A thorough search is made for that lost sheep while the other 99 are left untended in the pasture or wilderness. Help the one that needs help most.

一名弟子: 又抓到你偷钱了!
盘珪禅师: 原谅他吧!
弟子: 不行!他已经行窃很多次了,这次不能再原谅他了!
众弟子: 如果不把他开除,我们就集体离开这里!
盘珪禅师: 你们都是明智的师兄,知道是非,但他却连是非都分不清,如果我不教他谁来教他? 我要把他留在这里,即使你们全都离开也是一样。

有100只羊,走失了1只,急忙的到处去寻找的不正是走失的那1只,而把其他99只撇下? 帮助最需要帮助的。

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