Giving and receiving

The Japanese Zen master Bunan Shido had only one dharma successor, Shoju Rojin.

Bunan Shido: I am getting old. I am going to give you a book of teachings to represent your successorship.

Shoju Rojin: I received your Zen without written words and I am satisfied with it as it is. You had better keep the book.

Bunan Shido: This book has been handed down for seven generations, so you ought to keep it as a symbol of having received the teachings. Here.

Shoju Rojin: Very well.

After receiving the book, Shoju Rojin immediately burned the book. Bunan Shido was furious.

Bunan Shido: What are you doing!?

Shoju Rojin: What are you saying?

Understanding and action are one. If one expounds the teachings but does not live them, then it is just like merely mouthing Zen.

无难: 我老了,此书极有价值,现在交给你表示你的继承。
正受: 我接受你不立文字的禅,我喜欢它的本来面目。这本书你还是自己保存着吧。
无难: 这本书已传了七代,你还是拿去,作为承受衣缽的表记。
正受: 好吧。

无难吼道: 你在干什么?
正受回吼道: 你在说什么?


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