Natural Architecture - an Emerging Art Movement

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the natural environment still manages to fill us with a sense

of awe and amazement. despite the amount of scientific

knowledge mankind has gathered, nature still holds great

mysteries that we may never be able to unravel.

this complexity has continually daunted man. in frustration, we

try to control nature by enforcing order. as a result,

we have distanced ourselves from the earth, even though

our survival is completely dependent on it. we are now trying

to regain our close connection to nature.

there is an emerging art movement that is exploring mankind's

desire to reconnect to the earth, through the built environment.

referred to as 'natural architecture', it aims to create a new,

more harmonious, relationship between man and nature by

exploring what it means to design with nature in mind.

the core concept of the movement is that mankind can live

harmoniously with nature, using it for our needs while

respecting its importance.

all of the works in the movement share a central ethos that

demonstrates a respect and appreciation for nature.

these works are meant to comment on architecture and provide

a new framework to approach buildings and structures.

they aim to infuse new ideas into architecture by subverting

the idea that architecture should shelter nature. instead,

the structures deliberately expose the natural materials used

in the building process.

the designers aren't suggesting that architecture must conform

to their vision, they are just providing ideas that they hope will

inspire us all to rethink the relationship between nature and the

built environment.

natural architecture (the book) by alessandro rocca.

Natural Architecture


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