The NBA - Never Bet Against It!


It's been a rough off-season for the NBA, but then what off-season isn't? There were the usual nightclub-related lawsuits and arrests, more than the usual superstar griping, and a spectacularly unusual betting scandal involving a previously unknown referee named Tim Donaghy, who first attracted the suspicion of investigators when he called a traveling violation. (Talk about previously unknown!) But now all is well, because the regular season begins Tuesday night, when the champion San Antonio Spurs with center-of-the-moment Tim Duncan take on the Portland Trail Blazers with center-of-the-future...uh...Joel Przybilla.


ESPN - Daily Dime: For openers, Kobe still in Los Angeles. Who cares as long as Rockets win! :)

Nov 9, 2007, Yao's Rockets get best of Yi's Bucks in players' first NBA matchup. (ESPN recap)

Yao Ming thinks Yi Jianlian will be a better player than him some day. The game was an enormous event in China, where it started early Saturday morning. It was being broadcast on 19 television networks and NBA officials were expecting the largest-ever viewing audience for a game, well over 200 million.

About 90 minutes before the game, Yao and Yi shook hands at midcourt and posed for about two dozen photographers, most of them Chinese. It was a staged photo opportunity, and Yao had to wait a few minutes before Yi came out of the Bucks locker room.

"You know what?" Yao said afterward, with a kidding smile. "Rookies should not do that."


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