Game Design Essentials of 20 Difficult Games

From Gamasutra by John Harris.

The impulse to make video games easier can be traced to a fundamental change in perception over what a game should be. The older school of thought, which dates back and beyond the days of Space Invaders to the era of pinball, is that a game should measure the player's skill. Arcade games, in fact, must make it difficult for a player to last for any great length of time in order to keep money coming into the coin box. The newer concept is that a game should provide an experience to the player. The player is to feel like some character, or like he's participating in a story, or that he's making some difference in a fictional realm. ..

The article covers the following games:

  1. Defender & Stargate
  2. Kaboom!
  3. Cobra Triangle
  4. Sinistar
  5. Solomon's Key
  6. Adventures of Lolo, a.k.a. Eggerland, series
  7. The Tower of Druaga
  8. Monkey Ball, a.k.a. Super Monkey Ball
  9. Wetrix
  10. One Man and his Droid
  11. Phantoms of the Asteroid
  12. Faster, Harder, More Challenging Q*bert
  13. Blast Corps
  14. The Legend of Zelda (particularly the second quest)
  15. Deadly Towers
  16. Mr. Driller
  17. Mischief Makers, a.k.a. Yuke Yuke!! Troublemakers
  18. Rogue
  19. The Bard's Tale II: Destiny Knight
  20. Lode Runner series


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