Thoughts on 2009 NBA Semifinals Games 7 Series

I pick Magic to defeat Sixers in 7 games and Magic to lose to Celtics in 7 games.
Why? It is not because Sixers is a good team. The Magic could have defeated Sixers 4 - 0. We also know that Celtics is depleted with injuries, and Celtics are exhausted from their 1st round series.

The Magic team is generally regarded to be able to beat Celtics, the Magic could have done it, really should have done it.

The Magic's unstable play have caused them to lose a few games when they really should have won them. This is the major factor why my pick gives the other team a bias and an advantage.


We all know nobody in their right state of mind will pick the Rockets to win the series against Lakers, without Yao and Mutombo. I pick the Rockets in 7 (with the assumption that Yao is still playing) , partially I am a Rockets fan, and also I do believe that Rockets can beat Lakers on the road in a game 7.

The major surprise is that Rockets forced a game 7 without Yao, without any centers in their team. Credit of course go to Rockets for playing really well! and maybe also to Lakers for playing inconsistently.

You would think that the Lakers will just pound it inside to Gasol, Odom and Bynum ; and quite simply Rockets doesn't have any size left to defend them!? and not only that, Lakers have Kobe! If the Rockets can pull off this major upset, Hayes will be a hero! He must avoid foul troubles and stay on the court as much as possible.

The Rockets entire team will be heroes!! :)

(They already are heroes even if Rockets lose game 7)


Which team will win? The team who believe they will win respectively against Cavaliers and Nuggets ! :)

NBA Playoff 2009 Semifinals Prediction.
NBA Playoff 2009 Prediction.

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