GameDesign Hanafuda

I find the GameDesign's Hanafuda game from JayIsGames.

Hanafuda is a card game. There are twelve suits, representing months. Each is designated a flower, and each suit has four cards.

In this flash card game, each player is dealt 8 cards, and 8 cards are placed face up between the players. The player can match one of his card with one of the faced up card of the same suit or discard his card as a faced up card if there is no matching card. Either way, the top stock card from the deck is then turned face up, and if there is a matching suit, the player takes the 2 matching cards as well, otherwise the top stock card is added to the faced up cards. Each player will take turn to collect matching cards in order to gather points (minimum of 1 point) to win the round.

Refer to this Koi-Koi page for the list of captured hands that will give the player points. For example, 10 Dregs cards are worth 1 point and any additional dregs are +1 point each. (The flash game does not give point for Moon Viewing and Flower Viewing)

When the player forms a captured hand they have to make a choice whether or not to continue in an attempt to get a higher score. They announce 'Koi!' (Japanese for 'come on!') to continue or 'Game' to win the round. 'Koi!' is a way for a player to bet that he can form a new captured hand (or improve the existing hand) before his opponent can form his first hand. If, however, his opponent successfully forms a hand first, his opponent can win the round instead! (the opponent's score for the round is not doubled in the flash game) Also, in the flash game, instead of a draw when the players run out of cards, the game awards 6 points to the player who has more matching cards.

To play the flash game, click on one of your cards to automatically capture the matching card from the board, or to discard it if there are no matching cards. The 'Game' button is on the right and the 'Koi!' is on the left of the Koi Koi dialog.

You begin the game with 10 points. If you win the game by reaching 50 points, you can play the next game in its alternate "face-up" mode whereby you can see both yours and your opponents cards and also the top stock card.

Hanafuda is an easy and fun card game. Click on GameDesign Hanafuda to play.


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