Photos of Fire Fox

The Striker Diary: Pictures of the REAL Firefox in nature.

It is actually Red Panda.

The Red Panda is also known as the Wah because of its distinctive cry. This name was given to it by Thomas Hardwicke, when he introduced it to Europeans in 1821. It is called a Cat Bear because it was thought to be related to a small bear and washes itself like a cat by licking its entire body. Other names include Bear Cat, Cloud Bear, Bright Panda, Common Panda, Fire Fox, Fire Cat, Red Fox, Fox Bear, Himalayan Raccoon, Lesser Panda, Nigalya Ponya, Panda Chico, Panda Éclatant, Panda Rojo, Petit Panda, Poonya, Crimson Ngo, Red Cat, Sankam, Small Panda, Thokya, Wah, Wanker, Wokdonka, Woker, and Vetri, and Ye.

A google search of Red Panda turns out 3 photos of Red Panda at the top of the page! :)


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