Navigation and file display

After launching the application, we will see the initial screen as shown here, with a list of drives and also the Application menu (Apps).

Initial screen

Navigation is performed by using the arrow keys:

Right key - navigate into sub folder

Left key - navigate back to parent folder

Up & Down keys - for selecting an item.

Pressing the up key when the current selection is on the first item will move the current selection to the last item on the List. Similarly, pressing the down key when the current selection is on the last item will move the current selection to the first item on the List.

You can also use sorting by Name, Type, Size and Date to aid navigation.

The sorting is always in ascending order, for eg. when viewing by date, the latest modified files will be at the bottom of the list.

(View by type is simply sorting based on the file extension.)

View by menu

View by menu


E:\images by date

View by date


Notes app

Notes app

The selection key (the key located at the center of the arrow keys) is used to open file. On my N70 phone, the selection key is harder to press, so as an alternative, the right arrow key is also used for opening file. Usage of the 2 keys are the same: it navigates to show folder contents for folder and it launch the application associated with the file for file.

Naturally, I prefer to use the right arrow key as it is softer.

For even faster navigation, see advanced guide.


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