Korean Exercise 29

Use the following pairs of information to make up Korean sentences, each with two clauses linked by -sŏ (). The first three have the sense of 'because A, B', the last three are sequential, 'and then'.

busy matter has come up  

can't go

바쁜 일이 생겨서 옷 가요.

no food in house

go to restaurant

집에 음식이 없어서 식당에 가요.

business is not good

no money

사업이 안 좋아서 돈이 없어요.

let's go outside

and wait

밖에 나가서 기다립시다.

go to Sangmin's

what shall we do?

상민씨 집에 가서 뭘 할까요?

go to city

buy some fruit

대구에 가서 과일 좀 사요.


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