Korean Exercise 28

Translate the following (using verb compounds with po- for the English to Korean examples).

T'ang mashyŏ-boseyo! (t'ang: spicy soup)

Please try drinking the spicy soup!

You should visit Pulguksa one time (literally, Please visit ..!)

Pulguksa han bŏn ka-boseyo!

Pappŭ-jiman ka-boseyo.

Even though you are busy, please go and see.

T'akku-rul mot ch'yŏ-bwassŏyo? Kurŏm han bŏn hae-boseyo.

Have you not tried playing table tennis? In that case do try once.

Jaemin hasn't come yet? Please (try) waiting a little longer.

Jaemin-ssi ajik an wassŏyo? Kurŏm chogŭm tŏ kidaryŏ-boseyo.


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