Cancer Can Save Your Life!

Original article at Seishindo by Charlie Badenhop.

"Whoever... sees in illness a vital expression of the organism, will no longer see it as an enemy. In the moment I realize that the disease is a creation of the patient, it becomes for me the same sort of thing as his manner of walking, his mode of speech, his facial expression, the movements of his hands, the drawings he has made, the house he has built, the business he has settled, or the way his thoughts go: a significant symbol of the powers that rule him, and that I try to influence when I deem it right."

Georg Groddeck; MD

About 35 years ago I had the good fortune to study with a woman who was a powerful healer. Among her many talents was her gift of helping people heal themselves from cancer. She worked with herbs, diet, energy healing, self awareness, and prayer. I learned a great deal from her, and in the years since I've continued to use and further develop what she taught me.

My teacher believed that disease was a life affirming communication from the person's deeper self. A strong voice calling out to the person, letting them know they needed to redirect their energy and live their life differently. The more serious a disease appeared to be, the stronger the signal from the deeper self. The more serious a disease appeared to be, the more of the person's whole self was being activated for the task of healing. Life threatening illnesses were understood to show a strong desire to live a better life.

Clients were taught to listen carefully to the wisdom of their symptoms, so they could appreciate what their body was telling them, and begin to decode the life affirming messages their body was communicating.

On one occasion a man in his early thirties showed up who had late stage cancer. My teacher asked him to tell her about his life and a compelling story of self destruction followed. The gentleman was a highly accomplished stock broker who was using cocaine, alcohol, and stimulants to keep himself on a wild roller coaster ride of "success".

Over the following months the man cleaned up his life. He changed his diet, took a range of supplements, got into meditation and praying, and gave up his debilitating habits. As often but not always happened, the man wound up healing himself of his cancer.

A few months after he'd been declared fully healthy by his doctors the man showed up at one of my teacher's classes. He said he was in the final stages of writing a book called "Cancer can save your life!".

"As weird as it might seem," he said, "I'm now truly thankful for having had cancer."

"Without the cancer I would have certainly gone on living the kind of life that in some strange way had felt like a 'privilege' of my success."

"It would have only been a matter of time before my many excesses would have killed me!"

I remember the first time I told the story of the stockbroker to a client who was suffering from a life threatening illness. She said, "Easy for him to be so positive after regaining his health!"

"Yes," I said, "It is easy to appreciate your illness after you’ve regained your health."

"The task we have before us now," I suggested, "Is to begin to engage your own process of appreciation prior to recovering your health, so that the healing energy hiding within your disease is given the opportunity to be activated."

"Simple but not necessarily easy," I said.

"At least one of us needs to start out believing you are indeed capable of recovering your health. I will thus sit here trusting in your capacity to activate the healing energy that resides within you, until such time that you're ready and able to join me. Together, we will find the best way to appreciate and respond to your system's call for help!"

Request for prayers and assistance

Charlie 's Russian friend and colleague Inessa Rebeyko (the webmaster for Seishindo) has been recently diagnosed with cancer and is beginning to undergo various treatment methods.

Please keep Inessa in your thoughts and prayers. The more of you who can find the time to send caring thoughts her way, the better!

The cost for Inessa's treatment and rehabilitation will be considerable, and beyond the resources she currently has. If you would like to make a donation to a health fund for Inessa, please go to the following link:


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