Buddhism And Psychotherapy Across Cultures

The book, Buddhism And Psychotherapy Across Cultures: Essays on Theories and Practices

by Mark Unno, Editor is published by Wisdom Publications (a nonprofit charitable organization).

As Buddhism and psychotherapy have grown and diversified in Asia and the West, so too has the literature dealing with their intersection. In this collection of essays, leading voices explore many surprising connections between psychotherapy and Buddhism.

Table of Contents

Part I.

Promises and Pitfalls: Dialogue at the Crossroads

  1. Promises and Perils of the Spiritual Path
  2. Individuation and Awakening: Romantic Narrative and the Psychological Interpretation of Buddhism
  3. Cross-Cultural Dialogue and the Resonance of Narrative Strands
  4. Buddhist Practice in Relation to Self-Representation: A Cross-Cultural Dialogue
  5. On Selves and Selfless Discourse
  6. Transcendence and Immanence: Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Japan

Part II.

Creative Possibilities: Psychotherapy and Buddhism in Mutual Encounter

  1. Psychotherapy and Buddhism: Attending to Sand
  2. The Borderline Between Buddhism and Psychotherapy
  3. Naikan Therapy and Shin Buddhism
  4. Psychology, the Sacred, and Energetic Sensing

Part III.

Death and Dying in Pure Land Buddhism

  1. Shandao's Verses on Guiding Others and Healing the Heart
  2. Shin Buddhist Ministry: Working with Issues of Death and Dying
  3. A Buddhist Perspective on Death and Compassion: End-of-Life Care in Japanese Pure Land Buddhism


I. Illusions of the Self in Buddhism and Winnicott

II. Shinran's Thought Regarding Birth in the Pure Land

III. Key Terms: Shin Buddhism

Analyzing Enlightenment - A Review by Mark Epstein, MD.

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Buddha's Compassion And The Story of Kisa Gotami and The Mustard Seed.

A Humorous Milton Erickson Therapy Case.

A Mother's Wishes of Her Children - Satisfaction.


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