A Puzzle Game - Bloxorz

Play Bloxorz.


The game 's objective is to put the block into the square hole by moving/flipping the block using the arrow keys. Stepping on a round switch (round button) will either connect or disconnect a bridge. There is also cross switch that is activated only when the block is standing vertically on its end. Orange tiles are broken if the block is standing vertically on it and will cause the block to fall. Stepping on a a ring switch will split the block into two and teleport the blocks somewhere. The blocks are merged back when they are placed next to each other. (use spacebar to select block) There are a total of 33 stages and the passcode can be used to load a stage.

The above stage challenges one to step on the ring switch without also stepping on the round switch (disconnects the bridge), which then allows the blocks to be merged near the hole for a drop.


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