Wesnoth - Under the Burning Suns

Under the Burning Suns is my favourite Wesnoth mainline campaign. It has included RPG elements in the game. My favourite scenario is Across the Harsh Sands. It contains a number of surprises along the battle. It also keeps you on your toes with the ghosts that keep reappearing, although these ghosts sometimes ended up helping you fight against the enemies instead.

Two very important units will join your team in this scenario. First is the ultra cool Dust Devil and second is Elyssa the Fire Mage. You do not want to lose either of these two units.

Video replay of Across the Harsh Sands. I play the campaign in nightmare difficulty.

The next scenario A Stirring In The Night is probably the most difficult and epic scenario. It is also my next favourite scenario in this campaign. I barely complete this with the minimum of 6 camps still surviving. I have misunderstood the instruction and thought that as long as I control 6 camps at any time, it will be fine. This is not the case, as long as any enemy has captured the camp, the camp is considered lost even if you re-captured it later. I would have lost when the orcs capture my north-western camp, only the replay from the previous turn allow me to secure the camp.

I also needed to replay for Garak to survive the onslaught of Deathblade and Chocobone, and also for Dust Devil to survive. My Desert horseman Naru is the most luckiest unit in the whole campaign. Zyara, the Desert champion is the one that kept alive the north-western camp. He is killed by the Orcish ruler eventually.


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