Walking with Nokia Sports Tracker

This afternoon, I took a walk with my recently bought Nokia N82. I had already installed Nokia Sports Tracker and was eager to test it.

I created a new walking workout with autolap set to route based. Once the application starts tracking, it will record the path, location, time and number of steps I took. The workout data can be uploaded to Sports Tracker online using Upload to Service.

From the Sports Tracker website, we can download the route as KML file and import it to Google Map. (For details, refer to How To: Embed Sports Tracker Data to Your Blog and Make Position Art Like Stavros)

View Larger Map

The walking workout summary: (You can also click on the yellow route on the above Google map to view the summary data)

This route is actually the 2nd part of the walking trip. (The full trip distance is double the distance shown below)


38min 11s


4 km

Speed (average)

6.2 km/h

Pace (average)

9min 32s per km


1 - 108 m

Step count


Jul 12: I walk through Bukit Timah nature reserve, along the South view path, then catchment path, (tracking stops, the green route on Google map) then on the open ground, turn right and walk until I am back at the rifle range rd.

If you view Google map using satellite view, the open ground can be seen clearly. (along blue line)


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