Van Gundy dismissed as Rockets coach

From Jonathan Feigen NBA blog and more on ESPN.

Van Gundy, however, said on Friday that he told Alexander that he should choose a coach with whom he agreed on a style of play, but did not suggest that the Rockets begin a coaching search. He said he would have been happy to return had Alexander indicated he wanted him back.

``It was never a question of me evaluating,'' Van Gundy said. ``It was a question of me being somewhere not because the record was good enough, but because I was where I had the support of the owner.

``In that meeting, Les and I and Daryl and Dennis (Lindsey, the Rockets vice president for basketball operations had, I said to Les, ''Obviously you don't agree to me on important things and you owe it to yourself to find someone you agree with.`` If I was told 'I want you to be here and you're the guy,' I would have told them right then, 'I'm in.' ''

Safe to say, Rockets owner Les doesn't agree with Van Gundy style of play! All the best to Van Gundy! It's time to enjoy a break and being an ESPN guest analyst.

Who will be the next coach? Adelman!?


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