Upgrading Transformer TF701 to 4.4

Download WW_epaduser_V11_4_1_17_updatelauncher.zip (mine is using WW version) from Asus support site, extract UL-K00C-WW- and copy this to the /sdcard folder (of Transformer device)

It is required that the device is running the default stock recovery image, to be able to install the upgrade.

The device will auto-detect the upgrade file UL-K00C-WW-, and prompt the user to install it.

Eventually, the device will boot into the Android 4.4 system.

I am running Debian Linux on my Android system using a minor hack. See Debian Android with no Root

Basically, I need to replace and rename the system sdcard daemon. (after a system upgrade)

I use the PhilZ Touch recovery image (recovery.img), which can be downloaded from this tf701t CWM Advanced Edition / PhilZ Touch 6.25.9 forum thread.

Below is executed in the machine which is connected to the Transformer device via USB cable.

1     sudo adb reboot bootloader
2 # device in bootloader
3 sudo fashboot devices
5 sudo fastboot boot recovery.img
6 # device showing PhilZ Touch
8 sudo adb shell

And, in the adb shell:

 1     mount /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/APP /system
2 mount /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/UDA /data
4 mv /system/bin/sdcard /system/bin/sdcard_o
5 ln -s /data/local/home/sdcard_deb /system/bin/sdcard
7 umount /system
8 umount /data
10 exit

Select to reboot from the PhilZ Touch, and after reboot, I can access Debian again.

The new upgrade has an ugly wallpaper!


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