Torment Diary 1

I awake inside a mortuary and there is a bizarre floating skull that befriended me. His name is Morte. Morte tells me that the tattoos on my back come with directions, "that I will need to find my journal and Pharod".

The Mortuary uses zombies as cheap labor.

The first living person we meet is a very old scribe, he is writing in a huge book. Despite Morte's protest, I decide to speak with the scribe for he might know something about how I got here. The scribe name is Dhall, and he seems to know me for he calls me the Restless One.

Dhall explains to me I am one of those souls who can never attain the True Death. True Death is non-existence, it is a state of purity. Dhall is a Dustmen, a faction that believes in True Death, and my existence is unacceptable to them.

If such is the case, then Dhall must have kept the secret of my existence to himself. Why? Dhall believes that forcing their beliefs upon me is not just, and he is willing to protect my right to search for my own truth.

Dhall mentions that others who have journeyed with me in the past are interred here, one woman is in the northwest memorial hall. Dhall thinks that it may help to revive my memory. When ask about Pharod, Dhall says Pharod is a collector of the dead, they trade dead bodies to the Dustmen. Pharod is a knight of the post, cross-trading filth of the lowest sort and Dhall warns me not to seek out Pharod. Dhall thinks that my true wounds run much deeper than the scars that decorate my surface.

I am grateful to Dhall, before we left, I ask him whether he needs help as he seems ill. Dhall is content that he is closer now to the True Death and the peace he is seeking. Dhall affirms that I must come to terms with True Death.

Dhall is wise.

We meet a tiefling woman, (one who has fiend blood) she is so engrossed working on the corpse that she ignores my greetings. Somehow, as I watch her hands darting in and out of the corpse, I become mesmerized and I feel a prickling sensation along my scalp. I have a vision that I was placing some items inside a zombie chest. I am certain now that I had been in the mortuary before. As the memory fades, I tap on her shoulders. She must be near-sighted for she mistakes me as a zombie and asks me to find some threads and embalming juice and bring back to Ei-Vene. We return back to Ei-Vene after we found the items. Once Ei-Vene finished her work on the corpse, she turns to face me and extends her hand to examine my scars.

"Hmmph. Who write on you? Hivers do that? No respect for zomfies. Zomfies, not paintings." She sniffed, then poked one of my scars. "This one bad shape, many scars, no preserfs."

Ei-Vene quickly stitches up my scars and applies the embalming fluid on me. Somehow, I feels better. (+1HP)

As I come to a bier with a plaque which read, "Here lies Deionarra.", a beautiful ghostly form appears. She asks whether I have come to see the misery I have wrought and calls me "my Love". I have a feeling that I may be the cause of her death and she knew one of my previous me. Deionarra says that I am cursed, Death rejects me and my memories have abandoned me. She believes that every incarnation weakens my thoughts and memories, and I may one day forget that I cannot die.

Deionarra knows that in my hand lies the spark of life and death, that I can bring forth life to those that die near me. As I listen to her, a crawling sensation wells up in the back of my skull, and I suddenly remember how to coax the dimmest spark of life from a body. (raise dead) I ask Deionarra to guide me to a place of safety and promise her I shall return as soon as I can to speak to her again. Deionarra reveals the mortuary has some portals that I may be able to use to escape. However, such portals will only reveal themselves when I have the proper 'key' and only the Dustmen knows such keys.

I bid her farewell, as I am about to leave, Deionarra stops me and she seems to have some important information to share with me. Deionarra has some vision of my future, and she will tell me if I promise I will return and find some means to save her or join her. Although I have no desire to join her, somehow I feel compelled to save her for I believe she truly loves me and means me no harm.

"You shall meet enemies three, but none more dangerous than yourself in your full glory. They are shades of evil, of good, and of neutrality given life and twisted by the laws of the planes."

"You shall come to a prison built of regrets and sorrow, where the shadows themselves have gone mad. There you will be asked to make a terrible sacrifice, my Love. For the matter to be laid to rest, you must destroy that which keeps you alive and be immortal no longer."

"I know that you must die... while you still can. The circle must come to a close, my Love. You were not meant for this life. You must find that which was taken from you and travel beyond, into the lands of the dead."

"I shall wait for you in death's halls, my Love." She smiled, but there was only sadness in it. She closed her eyes, and with an ethereal whisper, she faded.

It seems that I need to find out what was taken from me and destroy it, it is what makes me immortal. In doing so, I will become mortal once more and stop the karma of my existence. I am horrified with what Deionarra tells me and at a loss to make any sense out of it. Why should I destroy that which makes me immortal?

My thoughts are interrupted by Morte. When I ask Morte whether he knows the spirit I was talking to, Morte claims that he doesn't see any spirit.

A Dustmen by the name of Soego allows us to leave the mortuary. [ Torment ]


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