The Whack-A-Mole Project

From Titus blog.

It's really apposite and funny description about bugs fixing and testing! :)

So anyway, I've been trying to stay on top of too many projects, and I've noticed that whenever I really focus on one of the projects (say, the testing books) the other projects all pop up a bunch of issues with "urgent!" notices on them. No sooner do I whack one of them than do another two or three pop up.

Now, fortunately for me (and unfortunately for the moles' heads), I've discovered automated testing. Everytime I find a new problem, I outline it with automated tests. Then I fix the problem, and write some more tests. This means that not only am I whacking the mole's head, but I'm covering the mole hole with something -- concrete or canvas, depending on the day and the nature of the hole. Whatever the covering, that module is going to have fewer mole heads popping up in the future, and pursued to its logical end, the application's problem areas will eventually be covered with tests. No more uncovered mole holes!

(Cue amusing image of a bunch of frustrated moles banging their heads against soft but unyielding mole hole covers. Hmm, that seems like a good testing book cover... ;)


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