The Natural Condition of the Dhamma

From Duties of the Sangha (by Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo)

The natural condition of the Dhamma is this: birth, momentary existence, disbanding — like a wave on the sea. When the wind blows, great waves rise on the ocean. The same holds true with human life: The natural condition of the khandhas within us behaves like a wave. This is called the natural condition of the Dhamma.

Another condition, though, stays as it is, whether or not there are waves — just as the water of the sea, when there is no wind, is smooth, level, and clear. This natural condition in the heart — a condition that does not take birth, does not change, is not annihilated, and does not die, but simply stays as it is — lies within each and every one of us.

These two practices — tranquillity and insight meditation — lead to the ultimate welfare, nibbana. The two natural conditions lie within each of us. Those who know how to spread the Dhamma into themselves, teaching and counseling themselves, will attain well-being without a doubt.


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