The General Belief System of Seishindo

Original article at Seishindo by Charlie Badenhop.

  • Nothing stays the same forever.

  • We are all "perfect" as we are. Another way to say this is "We are all perfectly imperfect."

  • Each person is much greater than the sum of their parts.

  • Trust in your intelligence, talents, creativity, and soul, and do the same with all you come in contact with.

  • Each person is capable of many great things.

  • We each have all the resources we need to live a fulfilling, healthy life.

  • The whole world is talking to you and offering you all you need.

  • Each person's life is supported by an "intelligence" (Spirit) that is the generative force manifesting the universe we live in.

  • "You" are a relationship. You are not alone.

  • Your body holds the answer to many puzzles your cognitive mind alone cannot express or solve.

  • Life is a paradox we will never fully comprehend with our rational mind.

  • Your thoughts, actions, and emotions are all part of "one loop" of intelligence.

  • Logic and emotion are two sides of the same coin. You can't have one without the other.

  • The body is intelligent, expressive and wise and communicates in a highly sophisticated and systematic manner.

  • Your "body language" leads to the generation of your verbal language.

  • Pain, stress, and disease are all due to excess energy being trapped in the body.

  • When experiencing a challenge, staying "embodied and present in the moment" will greatly aid you in solving or dissolving the challenge.

  • In order to stay embodied and present your body needs to be able to digest and assimilate your emotions.

  • The meaning of our life (our reason for living), is a mystery we're all attempting to figure out.

  • Everything that occurs in your life has the possibility of being transmuted into a life affirming gift.

  • With humility we can realize what we don't know is much larger than what we do know.

  • Every challenge you encounter has a solution.

  • "Problem" and "solution" are two sides of the same coin.

  • Suffering, and hopefully joy as well, will visit you many times in the course of your life.

  • Most of us live much of our life in the past, believing we are living in the present.

  • We each have the task of giving the story of our life a happy ending.

  • No matter how hurtful or "wrong" we find certain people's actions to be, we'll do well to consider that each person acts from a place of "positive intention".

  • We'll do well to rest easy in the knowledge that frailty and failing are part of the human condition.


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