Terminal Emulator for Kindle

Refer to the mobileread forum "One more terminal emulator for kindle" thread for the details.

The terminal emulator is named myts. This is an enhanced version done by Matan based on the original kiterm by Luigi Rizzo.

The latest download link is http://my.svgalib.org/kindle/myts-7.zip which includes a larger font, 10x20 font.

After unzipping the archive, you will find 2 folders: myts and launchpad.
Open the myts.l.ini inside the launchpad folder, it will show how to run the myts script.

I create one script for running myts in terminal 1 (to be launched via the Kite launcher):

/mnt/us/myts/myts.sh 1

Another script to kill all running myts:

/mnt/us/myts/myts.sh kill

There are customizations that one can made to the file profile in the myts folder.

export TERM=xterm

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/us/local/lib
export PATH=$PATH:/mnt/us/local/bin
export HOME=/var/local

cd /mnt/us

I have created the "local" folder under the Kindle drive, and the usual bin and lib folders under the "local" folder. I will place additional lib files under local/lib and additional executables files under local/bin.

Here, I run the application tmux when myts is launched. (tmux is installed separately, see Linux Apps for Kindle)

Customizations can be made also in myts.ini , for eg., to use the larger font, you have to modify the below config:
    Font = 10x20.hex
    FontHeight = 20
    FontWidth = 10

Copy the myts folder over to your Kindle drive.
Copy the created scripts myts.sh and killmyts.sh to your Kindle drive kite folder. These 2 scripts will appear in your Kindle home screen.

When I launch myts.sh from the home screen, sometimes the Kindle first show the terminal and then it displays back the home screen. Though, I can press any key and it will show the terminal.

To exit the terminal, press the Left < .
To display the keyboard mapping, press any modifier (shift, menu, back, aA) and exit button (by default Left<).
To enter other keys not in the keyboard, you use either the menu or the back modifier key with another key.

Linux Application Launcher for Kindle


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