Taking screenshot

There are 2 ways of taking screenshots: they are Screenshot [Dial], Own Screenshot.

On selecting either Screenshot menu, the program will prompt for the image filename to save to. There is an Images directory setting where you can change the folder the image is saved to. (This defaults to E:\images)

For Own Screenshot, after selecting OK, the screenshot is immediately taken and saved. For Screenshot, the program knows that you are taking a screenshot somewhere else. When you press the menu key and immediately after you select the application to switch to, the program will capture the screenshot of the selected application. So, to take a screenshot of another application, you first go to the intended screen of the application, switch to this program and select Screenshot menu to specify the image filename to save to and then switches back to the intended application for the screenshot to be taken!

And yes, I uses the same technique even for my own program screenshots for those prompts! :)




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