Sky Explorer Settings

The following settings can be set:

  1. Email
  2. SmtpHost
  3. Timezone (eg. 8 )
  4. Text enter mode
  5. File exts-TextEditor(eg. py txt)
  6. Images directory

The Email setting is used as the email sender, the from email address. The SmtpHost is the mail server from which the email is sent through.

A timezone of GMT +08:00 is entered as 8. There is a problem here as this entry only accepts a number, so it cannot represents GMT +08:30. This setting is used when an email is sent.

Text enter mode setting has 2 choices: Normal, 2 keys. It defaults to Normal. The 2 keys input method allows me to test the input method in the programs's internal text editor. This simple text editor is used when sending SMS and opening files with certain file extensions being defined in the next setting. (*experimental*)

The File exts setting defines the file extensions that you want to open using the internal text editor. (*experimental*)

The Images directory setting defines where screenshot images are saved to. It defaults to E:\images

1st 3 settings

1st 3 settings


Last 3 settings

Last 3 settings


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