Sky Explorer Installation


As of now, the provided installation SIS is only for Symbian S60 2nd edition phone.

You can check whether your phone is supported at

and also to know which Python runtime version to download.

  1. Download and install the latest Python runtime at Sourceforge

    There are 3 different Python runtime versions provided for 2nd edition phone.


    PythonForS60_1_3_19_2ndEdFP3.SIS for 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3 phone.

    OR Install

    PythonForS60_1_3_19_2ndEdFP2.SIS for 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 phone.

    OR Install

    PythonForS60_1_3_19_2ndEd.SIS for others 2nd Edition phone.

  2. Download and install skyexplorer.sis

  3. Download and install pyemail.SIS (optional: for sending email)

  4. The project is hosted at Google Code.


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