Related Tags Navigation added

I am using plugin Simple Tagging. I made a slight modification to STP_RelatedTags and outputRelatedTags functions and uses STP_RelatedTags to show the related tags to the current tag being viewed. Basically, if a post is tagged with A and B, then tag A and B are related.

I also use the below to generate the browse tags path.

Eg. navigate_tags('php+Wordpress') will produce >> php >> Wordpress

The tag navigation is equivalent to the one I used in Sky Explorer for application menu. :)

function get_tags($tag) {

return explode("+", $tag);


function navigate_tags($tag) {

$tags = get_tags($tag);

$tagUri = '/tag/';

$link = '';

$tagfmt = '>> <a href="%link%">%name%</a> ';

$tagvars = array("%link%", "%name%");

$nav = '';

foreach ($tags as $t) {

$link .= (($link != '')? '+' : '') . $t;

$nav .= str_replace($tagvars, array($tagUri.$link, $t), $tagfmt);


return $nav;



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