NBA suspends Stoudemire, Diaw for leaving bench

Original article at ESPN.

"A precedent wasn't necessary here," Jackson said. "The rule with respect to leaving the bench area during an altercation is very clear.

"Historically, if you break it, you will get suspended, regardless of what the circumstances are."

Speaking specifically about the Horry-Nash incident, Suns owner Robert Sarver told reporters in Phoenix on Tuesday night: "The way this worked out for us, it was, I believe, extremely unfair. . . . The team that plays dirty should not be rewarded and the team that plays fair should not be penalized."

"The rule is the rule," Jackson said.

"It's not a matter of fairness. It's a matter of correctness."

Quite a dumb rule no doubt! especially if another instigating team will get rewarded for a dirty foul in subsequent playoff matches. Jackson also contradicts the purpose of a rule for isn't a rule employed for the purpose of enforcing fair play!

Given that the two players are not involved in any altercation, it is sufficient reason that they should not be suspended a game. (And if a rule is to be followed regardless, they should change it to allow the players to serve the suspension in the following regular season in such cases) This is an unfortunate situation if Horry didn't mean to give Nash a cheap foul so as to provoke Suns team. Given that after Dallas had exited from the playoffs, either of these two teams Spurs and Suns are viewed as the favorite team to win the Western conference champion and also perhaps the overall NBA champion, the suspension must have pissed off many fans unless you are a Spurs fan.

Will the refs balance the next game by calling more fouls on Spurs though?! :)

As what Fran said in his blog, there is only one thing to do: root for Game 7.


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