Massive Underwater Forests Found in Pacific


A team of scientists says it has found a string of vast, rich forests in an unexpected setting: far below the coral reefs found in the tropical Pacific Ocean. The new forests are made out of kelp plants that harbor a huge range of plants and animals. Like tropical rainforests, they may be refuges from threats posed by global climate change.

The team of American scientists says it found a vast underwater forest in an unexpected location. "These plants can grow basically down to about 100 150 feet depth and still grow to the surface," Graham said. Scientists don't know everything about how kelp forests work.

Sea creatures of every size and shape hang out inside these underwater forests, weathering storms, laying eggs and hiding from big things that want to eat them.

Graham says his computer model suggests that there are many more tropical kelp forests out there waiting to be discovered. He hopes to find the next one off the coast of Costa Rica.


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