Korean Exercise 9

Translate the following sentences into English.

매운 거 좋아하지만 한국음식 갈 못 먹어요.

I like spicy food but, I can't eat korean food.

실례지만 영국 대사관이 어디 있어요?

Excuse me but, do you know where is the British embassy?

이쪽으로 앉으세요. 음료수 하시겠어요?

Please sit over here. (at this side) Would you like something to drink?

시간이 있으세요? 그럼 이따가 만납시다.

Do you have free time? In that case, let's meet a while later.

김선생님? 잠깐 기다리세요.

죄송하지만 여기 그런 사람 없어요. 잘못 거셨어요.

Mr Kim? Please wait a moment.

I'm sorry but, there is no such person here. You have mis-dialled.

거기 팔육삼의 공오사이에요?

is that 863-0542?


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