Korean Exercise 30

Translate the following into Korean.

I'm ringing to cancel my appointment. Something came up (you see).

약속을 취소 하려고 전화 했어요. 바쁜 일이 생겼거든요.

Sangmin has just gone out to play table tennis.

상민씨는 타꾸 치려고 방금 나갔어요.

At first I didn't particularly like kimch'i, but I got used to it. (get used to: iksuk haeji-)

처음에는 김치가 그렇게 마음에 들지 않았는데, 익숙 해졌어요.

When did you graduate?

언제 졸업핬어요?

We met by chance in a bar.

술집에서 우연히 마났어요.

That's strange! Chris has come back already.

이상하네요! 크리스는 벌써 돌아왔어요.

What did you do last night? Tell me the truth.

어제 밤에 뭘 했어요? 솔직히 말 해보세요.


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