Korean Exercise 26

Write out the following sentences, and in each case add a second sentence along the lines suggested in the brackets to explain what has just been said in the first sentence. This is practice for the -kŏdŭnyo pattern.

Onŭl hakkyo-e mot kayo (headaches)

머리가 아프거든요.

Ilyoillar-e shinae-e mot kayo (another appointment)

다른 약속이 있거든요.

Onŭl pam t'akku mot ch'yŏyo (arm (pal) has begun to hurt)

팔이 아프기 시작했거든요.

Noraebang-e kayo? Na-nun kayo (don't like noraebangs)

나는 안 가요, 노래방을 싫어하거든요 [안 좋아하거든요].

Jaemin-ssi mot kayo? Kurŏm chal toenneyo (I can't go either)

나도 못 가거든요.


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