Korean Exercise 18

Here are some situations in which you might use one of the following idiomatic expressions. See if you can match them up. In some cases, more than one expression will fit, so be sure to find all the possibilities and then choose the most likely.

Your friend is making fun of you.

놀리지 마세요 (please don't tease)

You want to go out tonight with your friend, but she can't make it.

안 되겠네요 (it won't be any good, then (unfortunately) )

You're in awful pain, and every part of your body seems to hurt.

전신이 다 아프군요 (whole body too is in pain (surprise) )

Someone has just said something really stupid.


You're trying to concentrate, but someone is making too much noise.

시끄러워요 (shut up!, be quiet! lit.: 'it's noisy')

You've made a mistake.

착각했어요 (it is misunderstood)

Your junior colleague has just said something you disagree with.

그렇지 않아요 (of couse not)

Your boss has just said something you disagree with.

아닌 것 같아요 (I don't think so; it doesn't seems like it)

Your mother is panicking about your health.

걱정하지 마세요 (please don't worry)

You didn't hear properly what your younger brother just said.

뭐라구요? (what did you say?)


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