Korean Exercise 11

Make up a sentence which says in Korean what the cost per item is and then say what the total cost is.

A book costs 100 won, 4 books cost 400 won.

ch'aek han kwon-e ilpaek won-ssig-ieyo, Kŭrŏnikka ne kwon sabaek won-ieyo.

A glass costs 700 won, 2 glasses cost 1400 won.

han jan-e ch'ilpaek won-ssig-ieyo, Kŭrŏnikka tu jan-e ilch'ŏn sabaek won-ieyo.

A ticket cost 2000 won, 6 tickets cost 12000 won.

p'yo ich'ŏn won-ssig-ieyo, Kŭrŏnikka yŏsŏt p'yo shipich'ŏn won-ieyo.

A bottle cost 1500 won, 3 bottles cost 4500 won.

han pyŏng-e ilch'ŏn obaek won-ssig-ieyo, Kŭrŏnikka se pyŏng sach'ŏn obaek won-ieyo.

A box of fruits cost 6000 won, 3 boxes cost 18000 won.

kwail han sangja-e yukch'ŏn won-ssig-ieyo, Kŭrŏnikka se sangja-e ilman p'alch'ŏn won-ieyo.


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