Kindle 3 Tips and Shortcuts

From Kindle 3 Keyboard Shortcuts et al (

    Start/stop Shift+Sym
  Stop Back
  Pause/restart Spacebar
Background Music
  Play/stop Alt+Spacebar
  Next track Alt+F
  Numbers 1 to 0 Alt+Q to Alt+P
  Minesweeper/Gomoku Alt+Shift+M from home screen
  Rescan files Alt+Z from home screen
  Redraw the screen Alt+G
  Screenshot Alt+Shift+G or Alt+Shift+H
  Kindle store Alt+Home
  Display serial no/barcode Alt+Shift+.
  Toggle bookmark Alt+B
  Bookmark location double-click at desired location
  Next/previous chapter 5-way right/left
Settings Screen
  Change 3G provider 311 (Alt+EQQ)
  Kindle information 411 (Alt+RQQ)
  3G Modem information 611 (Alt+YQQ)
  Wi-fi Modem information 711 (Alt+UQQ)
Web Browser
  Nudge Alt+H, Alt+J
  Clear address Alt+Del
Picture Album Viewer
  Zoom in/out/reset Q/W/E
  Rotate R
  Full screen F
  Nudge Numbers (Alt+Q to P)


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