File manipulation

To move files (or folders), select the files to move, then select the Cut menu, navigate to the destination folder where the files will be placed, and then select the Paste menu to move the files over. Similarly for copying files, except that you use Copy first, followed by Paste. For deleting files, you can either use the Delete menu or just use the backspace key. You can also rename a single file or folder (The current selected item is renamed).

Below is an example where I select 2 zip files in E:\temp\App to move. After selecting the Cut menu, I navigate back to its parent folder E:\temp and then creates a new subfolder zip. Next, I navigate to subfolder zip and select Paste menu and the contents now show the 2 zip files.

Select zip files

select 2 zip files


New subfolder zip

New subfolder zip


Dir zip

Navigate to subfolder




The main Edit menu also contains the selection menus, they are Select All, Invert Selection and Select/Unselect [00]. Invert Selection will toggle the selected status for all items. Select/Unselect will toggle the selected status for the current selected item. You can also press 00 (press 0 key 2 times) to select/unselect. The shortcut key is labeled in the menu item enclosed in the square brackets.

Select/Unselect menu

Within the Tools menu, there are another 2 file operations: Add to Archive and Extract Archive files. (only zip file is supported) To create a zip archive, first, select the files (or folders) that you want to include in the zip file, then select Add to Archive menu and enter the archive filename. Currently, the archive operation is extremely slow and there is a known bug that will kill the program. (Since, the operation takes a long time, the power screensaver will start and when switching back to the program, the program will die! You can press some keys for some time to prevent this OR be patient and wait for some time for it to complete.)

Zip files

To extract zip file, select Extract Archive files menu and the program will unzip the files in the current folder.


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