Duokan for Kindle

Duokan 2012 is an alternative OS for Kindle.

  • It supports ePub, mobi, Pdf and txt format (and zip and rar formats for pictures).
  • The Pdf support is much better than Kindle, it supports Pdf reflow.
  • It supports the StarDict dictionary format for checking dictionary.
  • It has text-to-speech feature, eg. it can read Chinese words from a Chinese book.

To install Duokan on a new Kindle, download the binary via the links provided in the mobileread forum or the duokan forum. (latest release is 2012 R4.2) [The duokan forum thread (in Chinese) on how to install Duokan]

I am using the R3.2 version for Kindle 3 (download via a mobileread forum member provided link http://waffles.za.net/k3-2012-04-25.C9055.zip)

Extract the downloaded archive to a folder,
 - DK_System
 - kindle3.2.1&3.3?????????????????(for 3.2.1&3.3 version update)
 - kindle3.2.1????????????????????????????(for  before 3.2.1 version update)

Check your Kindle version under Settings (my Kindle is 3.3),

Copy the files to your Kindle by first connecting Kindle to your computer via the USB cable.

Copy DK_System folder to your Kindle drive.
If your Kindle version is 3.2.1 and above, then copy the 3 .bin files within kindle3.2.1&3.3?????????????????(for 3.2.1&3.3 version update) folder to your Kindle drive.
Otherwise, copy the 3 .bin files within kindle3.2.1????????????????????????????(for  before 3.2.1 version update) folder to your Kindle drive.

Eject your Kindle drive and disconnect the USB cable.

Under your Kindle Settings page, press Menu button, then select "Update Your Kindle". (I need to reset my kindle to factory defaults for the update to be successful. After you reset your Kindle, you will lose all your ebooks, and you will have to download them again from Amazon eventually.)

After successful update, Kindle will restart and you will eventually see the Duokan boot screen. Press Z to goto the Kindle system, otherwise it will default to Duokan system.

Duokan main interface

I have downloaded 2 chinese dictionaries.

To install the stardict dictionary,
Extract the archive to a folder,
 - gaojihanyudacidian_fix.dict.dz (open&extract this to gaojihanyudacidian_fix.dict)
 - gaojihanyudacidian_fix.idx
 - gaojihanyudacidian_fix.ifo

Copy the files with the .dict , .idx , and .ifo extension to your Kindle folder DK_System\xKindle\res\dict

[Notice that Duokan contains Python 2.6 binary in DK_System\xKindle\python] :)

Duokan dictionary interface


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